Increase Opportunity to Get Job after Graduating from India Pilot School

To be able to pilot schools in India, you have to set aside about 33 Lakh more. The high costs of education and pilot training in India could be considered commensurate with his salary as a pilot in the airline at 60 Lakh per year (depending on the position held and the airline that works). However, not all pilots in the Indian school graduates went to work. That is, the higher the funds that have been issued in vain. Do not want to shame and guilt to parents who struggled to find funds so that you can get education and training in India pilot school? Here are tips to increase the chances of a pilot school to work after graduation India?

Get Job after Graduating from India Pilot School

Graduated from pilot school quality Indian

You should really consider India pilot schools that will be selected. Do not let the bandwagon of friends, a lot of students who entered the Indian pilot school, or a low cost pilot school becomes your reason for admission in one of the pilot schools of India. It is advisable to make the following points as indicators to find quality Indian pilot schools:

  • Facility. How much training aircraft owned? At least trainer aircraft owned Indian pilot schools adequate (in accordance with ICAO standards or the International Civil Aviation Organization ie, 1 training plane for 5 students) so that learning so much leverage. Is there a private airport? Schools pilot India which has a private port to be promising students graduate on time with flight hours intact.
  • Flight instructor. Not experienced flight instructor who towed India pilot school? The more experienced flight instructor, chances will be better in delivering education and training so as to make graduates competitive.

Graduates of the Indian pilot school quality would likely be considered because of perceived competitive capability that is able and ready to be employed.

Have a high-flying

A graduate who had a high-flying course will be further considered by the airline because of his experience in flying the plane more qualified. Therefore, be sure to have a high-flying hours in order to increase employment opportunities. How to? By taking courses at school pilot India to MER or Multi Engine Rating. When taking education courses until MER, you not only add hours of flying but also has experience flying a twin-engine plane which is the plane that is used by an average airline. That is, you are deemed to have been ready to work when it had a high-flying and holds a PPL license, CPL, IR, until the license MER.

Follow forces connected with the airlines of India

Generally there are two forces at the India School pilot force which is connected with one of the airline of India and a force-free. If you want to increase your chances to work after graduation, you can register on forces connected with one airline in India of which Air India, GoAir, JetLite, Deccan Aviation, etc. Although in the end you sort through the various tests, at least you have a little chance to get into the airline. However, generally the cost of education and training offered to force India pilot school connected with one of the airline of India will be higher than the force-free (free anywhere applying for a job).

The Importance of Reputation before Choosing Flight School

Reputation before Choosing Flight SchoolBid costs are relatively high, it is appropriate to motivate yourself to be more careful in choosing a flight school where being a basic requirement that must be met to become a pilot. Do not let the high costs that have been incurred lost in vain because of lack of knowledge about the flight school that will be selected. Reputation, one of the aspects that must be taken into account before choosing a flight school. What is the importance of the reputation of flight school? Let’s discuss!

Avoiding so cadets displaced

So cadet displaced because of the flight school was closed not only makes the budget is wasted, but also to spend time and expend the extra budget if it will move flight school.

Reputation flight school one of which can be seen from the duration of the stand. Ideally, flight school that should have been at least 3 years. Why? Not a few cases of flight school recently disbanded due to poor management (the misappropriation of funds from one party) or forced to shut down by the government for violating the rules (education period is not completed on time, do not provide practical training in a period that has been promised, the high hidden cost that is charged, or no continuous learning activities after payment in full). If it so, then will be displaced cadet in which funds are forfeited, the time has been wasted, but have not had adequate skills especially license. If you really want to move flight school, of course, have to pay full again. However, this incident could have been prevented when choosing a flight school that has a long-standing or at least have created a competitive graduates capable of.

Education and quality training

Quality education and training obtained in fact very large felt when it has become graduates and will apply to the airline. Do not get quality education and training in flight school course minimal capabilities so the opportunity does not pass the selection in the airline and vice-versa.

Flight school that has a good reputation was triggered because of the facilities and services offered have a maximum for the cadet. This condition makes it possible to obtain a quality education and training. For example, flight school has a trainer aircraft which is quite a lot so that it can meet the standards of ICAO or the International Civil Aviation Organization that is 5 cadets only for 1 training plane, has a simulator sophisticated so that cadets can hone the ability to fly without fear of an accident, have the airport train itself so that the cadets do not get flying hours were not intact due to wait for the shuttle training aircraft of the airline or other schools that also will make the flight, and has a flight instructor who had a high-flying hours so expect more experienced in teaching.

Open great opportunities quickly accepted work

Reputation flight school does not absolutely make graduates directly received by the airline, but at least it can be one of the capital graduates to be accepted in addition to the quality of the capability and readiness owned.

The airline also generally take into account the reputation of flight will recruit school when flying. It is no secret that potentially qualified flight school print quality graduates as well. This triggered flight because school quality is basically supported by complete and advanced facilities, excellent service, as well as a reliable and experienced instructors. Therefore, that’s why before choosing a flight school reputation is important in order to increase the chances of quickly accepted work, especially in renowned airlines. Nevertheless, the selection offered by the airline still has to be followed to prove.


Three Risks of Being a Pilot

Resiko Jadi Pilot

Being a pilot is one way to earn a high income and also enjoy a trip to neighboring countries without having to pay. Behind it all a pilot have a great responsibility for the passengers. A pilot may not escape when he learned about the dangers that threaten. A pilot must be willing to save passengers from himself. Worked as a pilot does have responsibility for the work. In the aviation world there are many problems that made a name in the aviation world is not nice cap by society and government. Aviation world has recently become the talk in the media. This occurs because many of the problems associated in the aviation world. Problems can occur by the pilot, capilot, as well as weather conditions. However, this all has become a risk that must be confronted. Did you know the dangers that must be faced by a pilot? Well, to find out, let’s look at the following article:

The emergence of cloud scary

There are many problems to be found by a pilot during her carrying aircraft. As a pilot, then he must be confronted from various hazards that can threaten her and the passengers. As for the danger to be faced by a pilot is the emergence of cloud frightening. How many years ago, of course, you’ve heard about the missing aircraft due cumulonimbus clouds. Cumulonimbus cloud is a thick cloud looming very high, dense, and similar to a mountain or a tower. This cloud is also a cloud feared in the world of aviation. This is because a cumulonimbus cloud can create a variety of problems on the aircraft such as aircraft can experience electrical disturbances, the aircraft may encounter turbulence, and the aircraft will be faced with a storm. In addition cumulonimbus cloud as a cloud frightening pilot there’s more. Among them, the clouds UFO, mammatus cloud, and the cloud morning glory.

Fuel available thinning

Dangers to be faced by a pilot but because of the frightening clouds. Fuel available thinned to a problem that could endanger the aviation world. Fuel is an important capital that must be seen by a pilot other than machinery and others. This is because the world can endanger the flight. While this may endanger the aviation world, but a pilot should remain calm and do not make known to the passengers of this problem. This can happen when the planes get a calamity that makes him not able to land in because of the weather so that should be enough fuel can be thinned. However, a pilot will act more quickly by landing at a small airport.

Thick smog

Thick smog that is not only dangerous for the driver of the mainland, but also dangerous to aviation. Smog is a danger that must be faced by a pilot when his air travels. With the haze makes the world of aviation accidents. This can occur because of the presence of smog make the vision a pilot is not clear. Therefore, with the danger of smog makes the pilot asked to make an emergency landing. If this is not done, it can endanger the aviation world.

Worked as a pilot, of course, has its own privileges for pilots. However, underneath it all a pilot faced with various threats that could endanger the aviation world.

Facilities to Consider before Joining Pilot School

Want to join in a pilot school after graduating from high school/equivalent? If indeed the parents have a good financial condition, this being the right decision. Airline currently use a lot of foreign pilots to fly planes. This is because they still lack the contribution of the pilot of the pilot schools in the country. This condition illustrates that each pilot school graduates in the country in particular will have a great opportunity to quickly join in Indonesian airlines. Nevertheless, you still need to consider carefully the pilot schools will be designated one of the facilities offered by the pilot schools.


Classroom pilot schoolCadet not only receives training in the room using the simulator and in the field using training aircraft, but it is also important to accept the theory of education before. Flight theory that has been understood will allow cadets to practice, flying solo, to commercial flights. To support the provision of educational theory, pilot schools need to provide a classroom. Classrooms are provided must have facilities that support teaching and learning activities such as computers, audio-visual completeness, radio communications, as well as adequate internet.

Training aircraft

Training aircraftTrainer aircraft, critical facilities from pilot school. With the training aircraft, cadets can apply the theory of flight time can add hours of flying to get a license in stages (PPL, CPL, IR, MER, etc.). Each pilot school has basically training aircraft, but not all schools offer training aircraft pilots adequate and excellent condition. Therefore, you must make sure that the pilot school has a trainer aircraft which is adequate (ideally 1 aircraft for five cadets) so you do not slow passing as alternately conduct flight training and training aircraft should be in prime condition for the maintenance regularly to minimize accident during flight training.


Simulator pilot schoolFacilities other equally important is the simulator. What is the simulator? Cadet as do the game to fly a plane using a simulator. However, the game is 3D or as real. In other words, the simulator is a device that has buttons like the colors in space pilot in a real aircraft while offering an overview of the runway until now in the air like a plane about to take off, in the air or landing. This tool can train skills of cadets in flying the plane without threatening the safety of cadets because they still lack experience possessed.

Places flight training

Places flight trainingIf there are airplanes means there is a place of flight training. Good pilot school should have its own space flight training. Why? Imagine if the pilot schools to join the commercial airport. When you are training to fly, at the same time there are commercial aircraft that will takeoff or landing. For those who ride, you are forced to wait for flight training. More than just spending time, it can make your flying hours is not intact due to true flight hours counted while starting the engine. If it does not have a flight training itself, at least the pilot school has an airport for a flight training with very little air traffic or merge with another pilot school.

Facilities at the pilot school is more than just supporting the activities of education and training in the classroom or in the field, but can improve the quality of pilot school graduates as well as to support the cadet to graduate on time. We wish to get the best pilot school yes 🙂

Deal with Homesick when Staying at Boarding Pilot School

pilot schoolSign pilot schools became one right choice to achieve brilliant future. How not, employment as a pilot is quite supportive. In fact pilot school graduates in the country have not been fully able to fill the vacancies available in the airline in the country, so there are still many airlines to recruit foreign pilots to work around this. In addition, the services of a pilot is also rewarded with a very high value, reaching 40 million Indonesian rupiah each month for the post of first officer, especially when it has become captain pilot. That is the reason why the pilot profession regarded as one of the promising profession.

To graduate from pilot school itself, there are challenges to be able to pass that yourself. Said that because the cadets who passed the entrance test pilot school will be living in a dorm, which is certainly far from family, relatives, and hometown. Subject like this would be a burden to be passed(especially for cadets who have not been accustomed to living away from loved ones). This condition is called homesick or nostalgic hometown. Moreover, if the selected pilot schools located abroad, it would be difficult to go home before the study is completed. Are you also going into pilot school? If so, get ready to experience homesickness. But do not worry, the tips below can apply later to work around this:

With good learning opportunities

The duration of the pilot schools are not the same as a high school in general, which takes a minimum of 3 years to complete his education. Pilot school the longest is 1.5 years, and some have only reached 1 years(in accordance with the policies and the ability of the school). With a duration of time not so long ago that, can you make as a consideration for the use of the time as well as possible so that upon graduation from pilot school, you can instantly hired. In other words, to deal with homesick follow learning system properly. For example, during hours of practice or training to fly a plane, take advantage of these exercises to relax the mind as well as a grounding in obtaining qualified science. Thus, learning systems and focus you can follow without feeling homesick already be neutralized as well.

Often join with friends

To get around homesick can also be done with the often joined with friends. Friends can be a place to vent or share stories so unwittingly can complement and give advice to each other. In fact, by joining with friends, you can recognize their customs that would be an experience and knowledge is invaluable. Friends are also not used away from home is certainly also going through the same thing(homesick). Remember, homesick overcome it is advisable to not be alone because of the way altogether will not solve the problem, there could continue to despair. Therefore, peers can share with each other to release the feelings of sadness.

Use the time available to establish communication

One of the general rules must be obeyed by the cadets while living in a dorm or during their education are not holding the phone. Even if allowed, the time is very limited. It is intended that the cadet can focus was educated in a short duration. However, given the efforts that can be done to remove the sense of longing that is to establish communication(if they can not return), then you can use a public phone, when given the chance to get out of the hostel at certain days and hours.

Homesick disease has become a problem experienced by most people when they are away from their family or hometown. In fact, not only for those in education, but also are already working. However, with the determination to reach a goal, homesick disease will eventually be overcome. Therefore, when you experience homesick sure not dissolve in it because no one can overcome the disease but yourself.